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- posted 11/19/2023

The 4th quarter Board of Governors Meeting is now history as we march towards the end of the year holiday season. I announced to the Board that I have received notice from the Bulb Horn editor, Dennis Holland, of his intent to step down from that position as soon as an editor is selected to replace him. Dennis has been the editor for over a decade and over the many years has provided our club with a magazine that we all can be proud of. The Executive Board in concert with the Board of Governors is actively pursuing a replacement. While it may not be rocket science, the talent and technical knowledge and know-how to prepare a magazine of our caliber is not easily achieved and your Region or Chapter newsletter editor will likely not be what we need to fill this important position. Being the Editor of the Bulb Horn is a contracted position. You may, however, know of an individual or individuals who do possess the necessary credentials and I urge you to make it known to them that we are on the hunt for a replacement. You may contact me at vpresident@vmcca.org or our Publications VP, Randy Pullen at vpublications@vmcca.org with suggested contacts or resumes.

Phote of DUANE COPLEY, President of the VMCCA

In other news I am pleased to report that substantial headway has been made in implementing a program whereby we will be selling advertising space on our web site with the intent of garnering enough income to cover those costs associated with keeping the web site running and updated.

Hopefully by the time you read this, the Bulb Horn Magazine will have found it’s way into your mailbox. It seems the Halloween Gremlins found their way into the Editors software and did the “Trick or Treat” dance on the program.

I know by now you have heard it before, but, the 2024 dues are now due and payable and you may go up on the website at vmcca.org and pay them on line.

In January 2024, all who have an email address will receive an official ballot along with the candidate’s statement. I urge you all to vote even if there is only a single candidate. When you vote, it gives VMCCA organizationally some indication of membership participation and interest in the administration of the club affairs.

It’s not too late to send in your written nomination for any of our many National awards. A list of the awards can be found at vmcca.org and clicking on “About VMCCA” and selecting National Awards. Send you nominations to vtechnical@vmcca.org.

... Duane