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A Message from the President

- posted 7/9/2024

Congratulations and thanks to Bill and Betty Shores for pulling together the 2024 Orphan Tour in Decatur, Texas. I could not attend, but many participating in the Chrome Glidden Tour in Clarksville, Arkansas, said it was a well-organized and fun event. Trisha and I were privileged to participate in the Chrome Glidden Tour and are glad we didn't miss it. Raymond and Sammy-Sue Harrill, along with assistance from Carol and Ray Maxfield, did an excellent job of introducing us to the majesty of the mountains and fantastic scenery of northwestern Arkansas. If you were fortunate enough to attend this week-long tour, I guarantee you left Arkansas with a different perspective of that state and its friendly residents.

Phote of DUANE COPLEY, President of the VMCCA

There is a great deal of touring and good fun ahead, and I hope our members can find the time in our busy schedules to get on the road and do some touring this season. Several participants on the Chrome Glidden Tour had family members join them on the tour, and others incorporated visits to family and friends either before or after the tour. No tour plan is complete until you look at where you are going and who or what you can see along the way. The trip to a tour or returning home from one can add to the fun and easily create long-lasting memories.

While I’m on the subject of touring, this is the perfect opportunity to suggest that Regions and Chapters consider listing their tours in The Bulb Horn, The Touring Chronicle, and on our web page. We've been on some fantastic regional tours, and I understand many of the chapter tours and events are equally as fun. Advertising your events enhances your ability to attract new members while helping to fill your quota of accepted attendees. From the National VMCCA perspective, a "Coming Events" listing containing events and tours from all across the country may help convince prospective new members who visit our web page to give us a try.

As many of you know, the VMCCA Board of Governors (BOG) meets each quarter of the year via computer, using Zoom technology. While these meetings aim to exchange information from all our regions and conduct the business of VMCCA, you, as a member, can join the Zoom and listen to the BOG and officers during the meeting. Zoom can handle around 100 attendees, but please remember these meetings are for the conduct of board business. And don't be offended if the meeting administrator mutes you so that board members are not interrupted during the meeting. The time and date of these meetings are posted in The Touring Chronicle. You must contact our VMCCA Club Secretary, Mike Welsh, to receive the access code, which is usually available about a week before the meeting date.

Enjoy the balance of the summer, have fun, and be well.

... Duane