The Bulb Horn

Selected Bulb Horn Archived Articles

1983 FIVA Rallye: VMCCA goes international! This rallye with competitors from around the world is described by George and Carol Kanaan. It includes lots of competitive driving events and jaunts through the picturesque Hudson Valley in NY and Connecticut. Reprinted from the Jan-Mar 1984 Bulb Horn, PDF format.

Acquiring a Riker at Auction— A fascinating story of the Eleanor Riker’s quest to buy this incredibly rare 1898 electric car originally built and owned by her deceased grandparents. PDF format from the April-June 1986 Bulb Horn

1970 Revival Glidden Tour— Henry Austin Clark Jr. wrote this entertaining and illustrated summary of the Silver Anniversary Glidden Tour in Mobile, AL. (2.5M, pdf format)

1947 Revival Glidden Tour— Read all about this early revival tour in this scan of the October 1947 Bulb Horn. This fall tour of New England has lots of details and stories about the Who’s Who of old car pioneers.

Determine your Tires’ Age: — Norm Gabe’s article, “Is it Time to Re-Tire” tells you how to find out how old your tires are. From the July 2007 Shade Tree Mechanic series by Steve Mergele.

LeMans, 1950 — Smith Hempstone Oliver, photographer/historian for Briggs Cunningham wrote this article about the Cunningham Cadillacs and other American entries in the 1950 Le Mans 24 hour race. Great pictures, a must-read for Cadillac lovers. Reprinted from the April-June 1987 Bulb Horn.

The Jackson Automobile — Some history of this Michigan native, by Ronald Bean – reprinted from the 1970 Bulb Horn.

1996 Revival Glidden/Glidden Chrome Tour — logistically the largest antique car tour in U.S. History and certainly one of the most historically significant.

Automobiles of the Titanic: Myth or Reality? — Explores the types and condition of cars on board the ill-fated ship.

The original Glidden Tours, 1905-1913:– These year-by-year articles describe many of the peaks and valleys of those early automobile pioneers. See how these veteran explorers expanded the art of motoring in America.