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An update from the Membership VP, Clare Oestreicher

- posted October 15, 2023

For a bit over a year now, I’ve had the privilege of volunteering a couple of times a month as a monitor at a private antique car collection in Kentucky. The cars’ owner allows a local charity to staff the collection two days a week, and all admission donations are given to that charity. I usually wear one of my VMCCA shirts at the site. What I like most about my time there is engaging visitors in conversation about old cars they have known. Whether their grandpa had one like this, or their neighbor drove one like that, most people have car-related memories.

Photo of Clare Oestreicher, VMCCA Membership VP

Car stories connect us in other ways, too. I recently mentioned an old-car trip to an elderly gentleman at church. This often-quiet gentleman lit up, and told me his son was interested in cars. We chatted about the older man’s first car, a used Model A, his 1949 DeSoto, the Packard he wished he had kept, and the son’s race car. You’ve likely encountered something similar. Especially at shows, people will gravitate to one car or another because it reminds them of some time or someone.

When you get a chance for one of these conversations, toss in a few words about how much fun it is to belong to a club that takes old cars out on tours. (One part I especially enjoy: dressing up for banquets on the Revival AAA Glidden Tour ® - see photo.) You might recruit a new member for our club!

Wearing old-fashioned clothing is great on special occasions, but you might also promote an inquiry by wearing a VMCCA shirt or hat when you take your car out. There’s an ad later in this magazine for some attractive, comfortable, easy-care items you can order from club member Marilyn Talbot, or you can buy something from the supply she and Jim bring on many of our tours. Another tip: keep some VMCCA membership flyers in your glove box or tool kit.

We have reached the time of the year when you can send in your own membership renewals for 2024. Thank you for understanding the need to increase 2024 dues to $48, and for making our Secretary’s life easier by getting them in before the January 1st deadline. Enjoy this autumn’s touring weather, and invite some friends to ride along with you. (Remember that new recruits can enroll for the rest of 2023 for just $20.) The more club members we gain, the merrier

Clare Oestreicher
VMCCA, Membership VP