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The Visible Model A Engine:
A clever exposure of a real model A engine reveals all its internal components while running.

Adams-Farwell Radial Engine:
This video from the Pebble Beach Concours shows the novel air-cooled radial engine of the 1906 Adams-Farwell.

Master Hands at the Chevy Factory:
See this GM factory promotional video of its foundry, stamping plant and assembly areas from 1936. Robots in 1936? –You betcha, and these robots are riveting! Great music on this video make it 25 minutes well spent.

GM Futurliner:
Follow the efforts of volunteers restoring a Futurliner — and learn about GM’s Parade of Progress shows

The Paige Automobile:
Bill Robert’s brief history of the Paige automobile

History of Automotive Air Conditioning:
Mohinder Bhatti wrote this well illustrated history of automotive air conditioning. It was published in the ASHRAE Journal, 1999. PDF format (warning, 2 Mb file).

Old Car Sales Brochures:
Check out this site for images of many old car sales brochures. You can look at what’s there and also scan your own for your fellow hobbyists to enjoy.

Paint Chip Resource:
This Auto Color Library has scans of paint chips and/or lists of factory colors for many old cars going back into the 30’s.

1957 VMCCA Anglo-American Rally:
Arthur Delorey Jr. took these wonderful pictures that son Jon put on the internet. The grand event was at the Larz Anderson estate in Brookline, MA. Check out some of the unusual cars pictured, and enjoy wondering about where they are today.

1957 Chrysler Promotional Movie:
Enjoy these blatantly negative ads narrated by Uncle Tom McCahill, comparing Chrysler products with competitors from GM and Ford. If you enjoyed this, check out Part 2 as well. Great scenery from the California desert.

Fix your Temperature Gauge:
This article by Tod Fitch gives a simple, step by step procedure for a DIY repair of those pre-war mechanical temperature gauges.

How your Differential Works:
This 1930’s vintage film by Chevrolet reveals the mystery of the differential that drives your rear wheels. Great graphics and music make it all seem so simple.